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One smal post...
On changing the world 
10th-Oct-2005 05:00 pm
I was doing some reading this weekend about all kinds of charities and people who've been to Africa to do work on HIV/AIDS campaigns, and it really made me contemplate what I wanna do with my life. I really do wanna be one of those people who gives up a privelged life (ok I'm not exactly living at Paris Hilton standards, but middle class is all good too) to help out the less fortunate. Don't you ever look around and just think "What is the point?" This thought always occurs to me when I'm having a conversation with someone really dumb, lol, or just worried about really trivial and superficial things. What is the point of getting mad because someone cut infront of you in line at the store, or being upset because you can't afford to get the latest shoes you want? There is none! I sometimes feel really silly when I complain about the things in my life, because I'm healthy, I'm in University, I have my family, and we can afford all the essentials inlife, and still have some left over for frivolous things. The more I think about it the more I realize that there is just so much in the world and so much in life and you're not gonna experience even a fraction of it unless you get of you butt and do something! Affect the world, create change! It all sounds so good now...but what about when I wake up tomorrow and go back to everyday life? Here's to hoping I won't lose steam and get too caught up in my own little world.
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